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How Auctions Work

Who Can Attend

Webster’s Auction is open to the public and conducts live on site auctions weekly.

Viewing starts 1 hour prior to the auctions and a valid driver’s license is required to register for the auction along with a $1 registration fee.

We accept Cash, Checks and all Major Debit & Credit Cards. Be aware there is a 15% Buyer’s Premium added to every purchase.

Registration is not required to attend an auction; however registration is required to participate in the bidding at an auction.

You do not have to be a big spender to attend our auctions; anyone is welcome at all of our auctions.

Do your homework before the auction. Bring the right equipment and supplies to take home your auction treasures the day of the auction.

Selling Real Estate

Webster’s Auction has a licensed Real Estate Broker and Real Estate Agents.

Using the auction method to sell Real Estate is fast and does not tie up the property for months like a traditional Real Estate listing.

3 Ways to sell Real Estate and YOU are in charge.

  1. The Real Estate sells with No Minimum and No Reserve
  2. The Real Estate sell with owner confirmation
  3. The Real Estate sells with a minimum opening bid

Great reason to use the auction method to sell Real Estate is that property is sold “As Is Where Is.”

Call us today to assist you in selling your Real Estate.

Purchasing Firearms

Webster’s Auction is a Federal Firearms licensee.

When purchasing Firearms the buyer is required to complete a Form 4473 which will be verified through (NICS) National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

Buyer will need a current Government Issued Photo Identification for example, Texas Driver’s License, Texas I.D. Card, Texas Concealed Handgun License, Passport or Military I.D. Card.

Buyer must be 18 years of age to purchase a long gun and 21years of age to purchase a handgun.

Have Something To Sell

Webster’s Auction accepts all types of consignments from jewelry, firearms, coins, furniture, collectibles, equipment and more.

Webster’s Auction will advertise your items, prepare the items for auction, post pictures to our website, research the items if necessary and sell at auction.

Webster’s Auction will pay the consignor 10 days after all the items are sold.

Have Something To Sell

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