Guns & Life-Time Native American Collection!
Sunday, Nov. 11th 1PM

Guns! Guns! Guns!
Wednesday, Oct. 31-Nov. 7

July 16, 2018

Sunday, Nov. 18th 1PM

July 17, 2018

Guns & Life-Time Native American Collection!
Sunday, Nov. 11th 1PM


Sunday, November 11, 2018 at 1PM
Doors open at 12PM for viewing
CALL TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT TODAY! 281-442-2351 (MAX 2 SEATS PER BIDDER). Additional viewing of items will be available Friday, November 9th from 10A-2P.

A life-time collection of authentic Native American artifacts has been announced to go to auction! Since this incredible collection has THOUSANDS of pieces, Webster's Auction will continue to sell remaining items the following Sunday, November 18th. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you do NOT want to miss!

Native American Collection - HUNDREDS of Framed Arrowheads/Spearheads, Poison Blowguns w/ Darts, Headdresses, Pottery, Breastplates, Jewelry, Clothing, Turquoise, Fetishes, Painted Hides & Skulls, Weapons, Fossils, Statues, Large & Small Totem Poles, Kachina Dolls, Ceremonial & Decorative Masks, Primitive Hand Tools, Signed Figurines, Peace Pipes, Artwork, Animal Hide Drums, Flutes, Turtle Shell Rattles, Animal Skin Bags, Dreamcatchers, Hand Woven Baskets, Scene Displays, Handmade Miniature Canoes, Papoose Cradleboards, & MUCH more.

20+ Guns - Colt SAA .45 Long Colt, Winchester 1887 10ga Lever Action Shotgun, Kentucky .40cal Percussion 57" Rifle, Marlin 1893 .38-55cal Rifle, Winchester 1873 32-20cal Rifle, Manhattan Civil War .36cal Revolver, Colt Lightning .38cal Revolver, Whitney Civil War .36cal 6-Shot Revolver, Springfield 1884 Trapdoor US Army Rifle, Colt 1860.44cal Civil War US Army Revolver, Remington 1858 .44cal US Army Revolver, Colt 1878 .44-40cal Double Action Revolver, Bacon Civil War Period .31cal Pocket Revolver, Colt Thunderer "Sheriff's" .41cal 3" Barrel Revolver, Allen Pepper Box .31cal 6-Shot Revolver, Cased Southern .41cal Derringer w/ Brass Frame, Remington .41cal 2-Shot Derringer, & more.

Also Including - 5pc Parlor Set, Leather Recliner, Antique Rolltop Desk, Tile Top Dining Table w/ 6 Chairs, & more.
DUE TO LARGE AMOUNTS OF FRAGILE ITEMS IN THIS AUCTION, PLEASE COME PREPARED WITH PACKING SUPPLIES! Don't miss this auction! For questions or more info call 281-442-2351. We accept Cash, Checks and all Major Debit & Credit Cards. Be aware there is a 15% Buyer's Premium added to every purchase.