Bankruptcy Guns, Ancient Artifacts,
Artwork, & More!
Sunday, August 6th

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April 10, 2017

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May 1, 2017

Bankruptcy Guns, Ancient Artifacts,
Artwork, & More!
Sunday, August 6th


Bankruptcy 16-36459 - 2pc Signed & Numbered Michael Godard Oil on Canvas Artwork "Don't Drink" (No. 51/150) & "Rose Roulette" (No. 78/250), Trek Skye SLX Women's Mountain Bike, Marlin 882 SSV 22WRM Rifle w/ Simmons Scope, Mossberg Silver Reserve 12ga Shotgun, Benelli Super Black Eagle 2 12ga Shotgun, Glock Generation 4 9mm Pistol w/ Crimson Trace Laser & Holster, Smith & Wesson Air Weight 38SPL Revolver Hamerless 5-Shot Lightweight in Case.

Ancient Artifacts - Hundreds of pieces from all over the globe including North America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Monolithic Native American Ceremonial Carved Stone Axe, Neolithic Era Carved Axes, Bronze & Steel Arrow Points, Over 800 Arrowheads, Pottery Shards, Scrapers, Large Intact Spear Points, Carved Stone & Slate Pendants, Tubs of Miocene/Marine Mammal Fossils, Carved Warrior Bust, Aztec Ceremonial "Blood Chalice" Pottery, Ancient African Stone Bracelets, African Carved Stone Ear/Nose Plugs, 14inch Long Grain Grind Stone, & MUCH more.

Over 50 More Guns - Colt 1851 Navy 36cal, Allen & Thurber Pepper Box 6-Shots Double Action 31cal, Colt 1860 Army 44cal, Colt Bisley 44-40, Colt 1902 Alaskan US Army Issue 45LC, Colt Lightning .38cal, Belgian Texas Ranger 38S&W, Colt Civil War Musket Dated 1863 .58cal, Smith & Wesson Top Break Frontier Double Action 44cal, Southern Derringer Single Shot Side Opener .41 Rimfire, Remington 11 Auto 12ga, Winchester 1910 SL 401cal, Winchester Saddle Ring Carbine 1892 44-40cal, Remington 700 7mmREM Mag, Izhmash Saiga 308-1 308WIN, Marline 39 Century 22S/L/LR, Mossberg 100ATR 270WIN, & more.

Coins - $20 Gold Liberty & St. Gaudens Coins, Gold Type Sets, Black Eagle Silver Certificate, Graded Morgan Silver Dollars, Peace Dollars, & more.

Also Including - Dining Room Tables & Chairs, NEW Furniture, Electronics, Side Chairs, Sofas, Settees, Canopy Chairs, High Back Chairs, & more.

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