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Sunday, April 9th

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February 17, 2017

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February 18, 2017

Guns, Rugs, Coins, Furniture & More
Sunday, April 9th

Over 75 Guns - Colt Single Action Army 44-40 Revolver Antique, Browning Model 1885 .223 Rifle w/ scope, Winchester US M1 Garand 30-06 Rifle, Winchester 1873 .38WCF Rifle Antique, Smith & Wesson 686 .357Mag Revolver, Smith & Wesson 629-1 .44Mag Revolver, Colt Army Special Revolver 32-20 Revolver, Smith &Wesson Model 66-2 .357mag Revolver, Colt Python .357Mag Revolver, Colt Cowboy SAA .45 Revolver w/ 5 ½” barrel new in case, Colt Service Ace Model .22RF Pistol, Detonics 45 Combat Master .45ACP Mark VI 755 of 1000 Pistol, Colt Model 1903 .32 Pistol nickel plated, Smith & Wesson Tactical 456TSW .45 Pistol (New in box), Colt Commander .45cal Pistol, Colt 1911 US Army .45 Pistol, Winchester 1894 Saddle Ring Carbine .32WS Rifle, Winchester US m1 Carbine .30 Rifle, Remington Model 6 .32RF Rifle, Browning A5 20ga Mag Shotgun, Browning Gold Hunter 20ga Shotgun, Winchester 2nd Model 1873 SRC .44WCF Rifle Antique, Winchester 3rd Model 1873 38wcf Rifle w/ Octagon barrel Antique, Marlin 1893 Take-down 30-30 Rifle Antique, Browning 1 O/U 20ga Shotgun, Winchester Model 9410 410ga Shotgun w/ original box & papers, Marlin 1894CS Carbine .357Mag / .38 Rifle w/ original box & papers, Colt Match H-Bar .233 Rifle, Winchester Model 62A .22cal Rifle, Winchester 1894 SRC .30WCF Rifle, Remington 25 .25-20 Rifle, Winchester 1892 SRC .32 WDF Rifle, Weatherby Mark V .257 Mag Rifle, Browning BAR .300 Rifle, Winchester Model 9422M XTR .22RF Mag Rifle, Winchester Model 9422M XTR .22 RF Mag Rifle, Winchester Model 100 .243 Rifle w/ Leupold scope, Winchester Model 70 Sporter Mag .300 Mag Rifle post 1964 w/ leupold scope & more.

Rugs - Over 60 Area Rugs/Runners in all different Shapes/Sizes/Colors including brand names from Persian Classics, Gabbeh Collections, Carmel Carpets, Nirvana, Harooni International Design, Kharma, Ankara, Jewel, The Cleopatra Collection, Antalia, Cairo, K. Carpet from Vanessa Collection, Royal Millennium, Fantasy Collection, Shaggy Collection, Izmir Collection & more.

Coins - Commemorative Sets, Mint Sets, Proof Sets, Silver Coins, Graded Coins, Quarter Sets, Dollar Sets, Medals, IKE Dollars, Kennedy Half Dollars & more.

Estate Items - NEW Smart Balance Hover Boards, Electric Wood Chipper, NEW Name Brand Patio Furniture Table & Chair Sets, Vacuums, Western Style Decor, Iron Bar Stools, Large Metal Texas Stars, Clocks, Hanging Western-Style Crosses, Slot Machines, Iron Bell, NEW Electronics including Bluetooth Speakers, Flying Remote Aircrafts, Touchscreen Receivers & more.

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